CURATOR: Brandy Rettig
MIX NAME: Matthew Brennan is trying to kill me
THEME/MOOD: New Music-everything on here has been released in 2014. A couple of the songs are cheating in that they were rereleased in 2014, but, fuck it, my mix, my rules.
GENRES REPRESENTED: Queercore, noise rock, heavy rock, doom, math, and a lot of Seattle locals.
BEST ENJOYED DURING: those moments sitting in traffic when you feel the anger bubbling over into rage.
BANDS TO LISTEN FOR: Sashay is the best new (mostly) gay hardcore band I’ve heard in a long time–if you can see them play in Seattle, do it. Their set’s only +\- 20 minutes long, it’s super fun and they’re really good. Bali Girls play Saturday the 27th at the LoFi and they will blow you away live. Just saw A Minor Forest play the song on here last weekend and live, it was probably the best show I’ve been to all year. My favorite song on this mix is QUI’s Ham Spray. It makes me laugh so much.


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