Remember how much thought you’d put in to the perfect mix tape? re-recording the first twenty seconds like 30 times because the timing wasn’t quite right or changing songs midstream because you couldn’t figure out the right way to go from metal to hip hop and then back to punk rock? Remember how long the perfect mixtape would stay in your car stereo/headphones/CD Player/iPod? Yeah, we do too.

MixTapeClub is dedicated to bringing that back. Every Tuesday we’ll post a new Mix curated by one of our group and posted onto our MixCloud profile or here for you to enjoy where ever you are.

Want to talk about your favorite tapes to use? (We loved Maxell XLII 90min) Or That song that seemed to make it onto EVERY single mix? Let’s talk about it! Head on over to our Facebook page!

Let’s discover some new jams!


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